DeltaPVP Media Program

The DeltaPVP Media Program and Guidelines


The DeltaPVP Media Program

This page will give an in-depth view on what perks you get for becoming a creator on DeltaPVP




What is this about?

The DeltaPVP Media program is a way to help content creators make content on our network. We offer two types of packages for creators and both come with special perks for you and your community.


Content Creators will get special perks in our Discord and Minecraft Server. Please see below for a list of perks.


What perks do you get?

The Media Rank is split into two categories. The perks are, but aren't limited to:


Influencers are those who get sponsored and/or endorsed by us. They are not required to make content on DeltaPVP but it is still welcome. These are channels that do not but can, focus on Minecraft content.


  • Media rank in-game and in Discord
  • Light blue name color
  • White chat
  • Other permissions can be given out by the discretion of an Admin
  • High-quality voice channels for recordings

Content Creators

Content Creators are those who are required to make content on DeltaPVP to withhold their rank (see requirements). These are channels that focus on Minecraft content.


  • YouTube, Twitch, Media (depending on your platform) in-game and in Discord
  • All name colors
  • White, Light Blue chat color
  • Store referral links (earn money from people that use your link)
  • Access to do giveaways
  • Access to coupons for your community
  • Certain staff permissions (given at an Admin's discretion)
  • Permanent discount on our store
  • Monthly crate keys for you to give out
  • The Delta+ Rank Perks
  • High-quality voice channels for recordings
  • Fly perms in permitted areas



The requirements for the Media Program are as follows, but are not limited to:


  • At least 300 subscribers, or equivalent
  • Over 300 views, or equivalent, in the last month
  • Advertise our server in your videos at least once per month.
  • (For streams) Average of 10 viewers

Content Creators:

  • At least 800-1000 subscribers, or equivalent
  • Over 400-600 views, or equivalent, in the last month
  • Must make videos on our server at least twice per month
  • Must have our server IP visible in their content


How to apply:

You can apply to join the program by emailing [email protected] with the following:

  • Channel name and link
  • Current subscriber count, or equivalent
  • Why you want to join the team
  • Most recent month's average views, or equivalent.

Our team will get back to you within three working days. If you do not hear back from us, please join our Discord and contact a Manager.



Do content creators lose their rank?

Content Creators can lose their rank for various reasons. They include but are not limited to:

  • Not making enough content
  • Breaking our server rules

Can I help the server without being in the program?

Yes! You can still contact our creator email ([email protected]) to help out. We will still give you some benefits.

I know someone who might like to be a creator, how do I tell them to join?

Ask them to read this page and email [email protected]. Our team will communicate from there!



This page may be updated at any time. Please check it regularly for updates.

Last update: 04/10/2021